Pagan Blog Project: Week 12, Energywork, Effort, Figures, and Fiction

Apologizes for the lack of activity. Midterms + stress + other shit = Sunny does not feel like doing much of anything.

So here are the last four weeks of PBP.


Energywork is important for everyone, and is a large part of my practice as a Shaman. Energywork is wide and varried, encompassing things like shadow work, healing, and manipulation (another encompassing word, referring to things like magick).

Right now I’m focused on shadow work, as per Coyote’s request. I’ve always had a pretty good understanding of my Shadow, or at least I thought I have. It is the side of me that is “everything else”. This, however, is not the same for everyone. I have the Yin-Yang thing going, but others it might just be what you dislike about yourself and hide. My Shadow… Well maybe it’s more appropriate to call me the shadow. My Shadow is Leukothea Ocelotl, a goddess of storms and lightning. Together we are balanced. I am half of her, more than she is half of me. (Like I said, this is not the same for everyone. There’s some intense shit in that btw. You don’t want to be a goddess. It’s scary, overbearing, etc. etc.) I’m thinking with the Shadow work, I need to start encompassing the more feminine traits of Leukothea into me. The Mother traits. Exotic beauty. Happiness in your exoticness.

Healing, of course, is healing. I do energywork for healing, aligning chakras and editing blockages and such. I have some of that to do on m/Myself as well. My self esteem, for one. It’s still shot, but I kinda doubt it’ll get better until I get out of the house.

Manipulation. I think I’ll replace talk of this on one of my Ms.


I have had to put so much effort into my life, right now. Between school, some work, shadow work, talking to Them and understanding Them, getting ready for college, boys, and other stuff. I haven’t really had time to write much. I might end up having to double up these articles at some point so I’ll be done mid-November… I don’t know. It depends on what happens next month. Fingers crossed, but no hopes up.

It just feels time.

BUT back to effort. Effort is an important part of magick. Equivalent exchange kind of. The more effort and energy you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. I think many a godspouse feels this way, as it’s quite a bit of effort for communication and offerings.

Getting a headache, so I’m going to cut this one short.


This has to do with two of my Boys, actually. Separate into HISTORICAL FIGURES and BIBLICAL FIGURES.


Montezuma II was, at least in my history books, the last real Aztec emperor. George Washington was the first president of the United States. Queen Dido of Carthage. Alexander the Great. These are all deified mortals that we have historical record of. Most, if not all, deified mortals were demigods in at least their last lifetime. Half divine, they raised ranks much quicker.


Abel. Michael. Lucifer/Auriel. One of the first humans and two angels. Ain’t I a lucky gal? Joking aside, I love them very much. This is despite their relationship with Christianity (whose god I am not fond of)

These figures are those I am connected to, and show that not every deity is Ancient, or as undeniably Pagan.


I’m a writer by trade, I love love love writing fiction. I’ve got several ideas in the works. I’d spill but they’re just ideas for now. From here, though, I point that fiction is a great way to honor the gods. Writing something in honor of them is a great idea for those who find writing enjoyable. Doesn’t have to be published, doesn’t have to be read. It has energy behind it, and thusly works well as an offering.

Okay, sorry, headache has gone too far and so my brain is out of things to write. Sorry.

Thanks for reading :)

Sunny out.

Pagan Blog Project: Week 7, Dylan, and Week 8, Drystan

Dylan ail Don. Dylan of the second wave. My wonderful Welsh sea god.
Dylan takes after His Uncle/Father Gwydian as a shapeshifting trickster. He’s not as often venerated as His brother, and I haven’t seen much about Him online. But Dylan is great. He’s charming, fun, and at the same time deadly and unforgiving. He is the sea. He, like all aspects of nature, like all My Boys, is a controversy.
He is My water element. King of rain, and of drought.
He’s a lovable little shit too.
This. Cat.
Drystan is the name of my tuxedo cat. I got him for Yule this last one.
He’s precocious. He’s a pain. Hey yowls for the fun of it. He enjoys beating up dogs ten times his size.
He’s adorable. He’s sweet. He’s a beautiful cat. And he enjoys beating up dogs ten times his size.
Drystan is named after a character from the King Arthur tales. Said character is also known as Tristan. In the original tales, Drystan is a trickster who earns Arthur’s respect and joins the King.
Fitting, right?

February Oracular Session

Hey guys, I’m putting this up a few days early so y’all have more time. Comments end the 18th at 7 pm CST. Then it should be a few days before everyone gets a poem.
You can email me at after commenting here and getting a reply.

I might have messed up last month on the comments but I’ve figured things out now so all should be good.

Pagan Blog Project: Week Six, Covering

This week I’m going to talk about Covering for the Gods and my experience with it.
I covered for a full year last year, at my old school.
I experienced quite a backlash, not from students but from administration. I chose to cover two different ways, with a tichel and with a scarf that was more along the lines of a catholic covering. They were fine with the catholic covering, thinking it a loose hijab, but the tichel was written off as a bandana. I had to fight for my ability to wear them.
And worse, my mother called me racist for wearing them. Now that I commute into school with her, and see her most of the day, I can’t Cover anymore. Which has given me a huge spike in anxiety, as one of the main reasons for Covering, for me, was to block out others’ emotions which caused me anxiety.
Now, this isn’t the only reason I’ve covered. I’ve also covered as a civil rights thing, to remind others that not everyone who Covers is a terrorist. And I’ve Covered for my Gods.
I was never asked to Cover by Them, but I felt drawn to it. Many others, though, were specifically asked.
I’ll end this little blurb by saying that I miss it. I miss the feeling of cloth on my ears, and of the quiet.

How Pagan Tumblr is Pretty Accurate…

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Now before you go and hit that “Unsubscribe” button at least hear me out and THEN hit “Unsubscribe.” If you’re going to leave, I’d much rather you leave offended than because you were misinformed about my intentions with this post.

Tumblr, on its own, is pretty infamous. It’s where crazed fangirls congregate and blot out the sun like Xerxes’ arrows in 300 and Pagan/Witchy Tumblr has just as much of a reputation. If not for the constant tripe that shows up under the tags of “#pagan” or “#witchcraft” or even “#occult” than certainly because of the behavior of many of the, mostly young women, who make up the majority population.


See the look on the little girl on the left’s face? That’s the look on my face whenever I meet another white chick at a pagan gathering. Normally I manage to keep it inside.

But where a lot of people…

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Pagan Blog Project: Week Five, Calamity

ca·lam·i·ty noun \kə-ˈla-mə-tē\
: an event that causes great harm and suffering

I chose calamity for this week’s post because of my status as a Poet-Seer tied to the Fates. I take this in tradition of the Oracles of Ancient Greece and Rome.

We give riddles, ones that if you can decode you can avoid calamity. If you can’t decode it correctly, however, you’ll dive straight in.

I the last five years I have come into my own as a Seer. I have had my own riddles to decode. I haven’t always decoded it correctly or in time.

But the ones that held more than one destiny, I seem to have a talent for decoding, and correctly.

There was a major one, a year and a month ago. The Yule before last. There was a calamity in that one, one we avoided with costly casualties. It had two ways it could have gone, and thankfully it went my way. Now, We are healing what calamities were already created. We are working hard. But, of course, there are disagreements, infighting. It is disheartening.

But, it is Our nature.